The Design Process

The Bronze 'Masters' range captures the precise definition of its original sculptures using the traditional 'lost wax' technique to invest the timeless appeal of this classic and modern art. Using the ancient lost wax casting process allows the artist to maintain the integrity of his work and to reproduce an exact sculpture of the highest quality.

Patination is the enhancement of bronze by the application of chemicals to produce different colour finishes. The closely guarded secret of acids and chemicals used in our workshops produces some of the finest and spectacular finishes to be seen on modern bronze.

A typical assignment starts at the concept stage, where the subject is thoroughly researched, consulting experts on costume detail or historical fact if necessary. Drawings are made for approval and the work is then scaled up to the required size.

Escar controls the entire process, from research and design, through to casting and patination. They also offre a full installation service and delivery to overseas locations.